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We provide all kinds of hygiene, clearing, disposable and recyclable product and supplies, especially used by Airport, Hotels, Restaurants, Banquet Hall, Movie Theatre and Mall.

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From /200 UNIT

Carry Bag

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From /Per Piece

Chopstick with cover

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From /10*100 UNIT

Twisted Bamboo Skewers

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From /10*100 UNIT

Paddle Bamboo Skewers

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From /Per Piece

Microfibre cloth

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From /Per Piece

Blue Duster

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From /Per Piece

Kent Mop

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From /Per Piece

Mop Bucket Trolley

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ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading LLC is one of the leading company in the Middle East for all kinds of Plastic & paper products used in Airports, Malls, Hotels and Restaurants.

We are one of the fast growing and rapid improving company in this field. We believe in providing top quality products with latest design and technology and commendable service at competitive price to the customers in order to fully satisfy.

ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading LLC is committed to excellence in quality, bring products which has latest technological advancement, reliability on the part of after sales service, on time delivery and continuous improvement.

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