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Who We Are

ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading LLC is one of the leading company in the Middle East for all kinds of Plastic & paper products used in Airports, Malls, Hotels and Restaurants.

We are one of the fast growing and rapid improving company in this field. We believe in providing top quality products with latest design and technology and commendable service at competitive price to the customers in order to fully satisfy.

ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading LLC is committed to excellence in quality, bring products which has latest technological advancement, reliability on the part of after sales service, on time delivery and continuous improvement.

What We Do

We provide all kinds of hygiene, cleaning, disposable and recyclable products and supplies, especially used by Airports, Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals and more.

Our Policy as a supplier is such that our customer should get, We empathize with our customer's needs to get products to market which emphasize ahead of the competition in terms of advance research and technology. Over a period of time we have learned how to develop a world class supply chain to ensure that we can respond to our customer needs in the timeframe they expect. We recognize that our valve of excellence will only be realized if we continuously raise the bar for ourselves. For this reason, our Management team leads the continuous Improvement program known as Quality Leadership. The commitment to excellence at ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading is the responsibility of every team member across all verticals.

Our Vision

To Establish as one of the unique brand, Supplier, Vendor, Trader who always supplies an innovative product in the industry for hygeine and cleaning departments across Hospitality Sector.

Our Mission

To Recognize ourself as one of the leading and innovative Trader and Supplier in the Hospitality industry in coming decades.

Code Of Conduct

We have set a few ground rules of honesty, truthfulness and good behavior with customers. Honesty and truthfulness are essentials in any business. Building a relationship of trust with customers cannot be done with lies and deceit.

1. Trust : Belief along with your knowledge that someone sees all what you do, will make you work under constant surveillance and keeps your performance at its best while following a defined conduct.

2. Justice and Honesty : Justice can be defined as just conduct, fairness exercise of authority in maintenance of right and fair dealing between each other regardless of faith. Honesty incorporates the concepts of truthfulness and reliability and covers all aspects of relationships in human life thought, word and action. It is more than just accuracy; it is an attitude with integrity.

3. Mutual Respect : Mutual respect and consideration for others. Self interest only has a place in the community in as much as it takes into account the interests of others. So a person or organization can not under self benefit measures takes an action or start a business that will harm the community or environment more than providing good to it.

As a general guide in business we should adopt the following overriding principles :
1. Be honest and truthful.
2. Keep ones word.
3. Be humble in how you conduct your life.
4. Do not deal in fraud.
5. Do not bribe.
6. Deal Justly.
7. Do not deal in credit or loan.

Our Green Initiatives

ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading LLC and our company members share in our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. We are pleased to say that over the past 10+ years we have taken significant steps in minimizing our environmental impact.
From our warehouses we recycle all scrap articles of plastic and non-plastic.

We encourage byback policy of various product to initiate the same product for recycling which also provides benefits to our client and environment.
We have set up multiple "Recycling Stations" throughout our facility and now also recycle plastic bottles & straps, paper, and cardboard on a weekly basis. We also utilize rain barrels to collect water for cleaning our warehouse floors. Have you seen our shiny clean floors?

We encourage employees to use refillable water bottles and their favorite coffee mugs.

Semi-annually we recycle all outdated electronics and computer equipment and recycle all printer & toner cartridges.

In 2011, ISHRAQ Plastic Products Trading LLC (IPPT) began our "Go Paperless" initiative. We implemented a document solution system that allows us to receive and file most documents electronically. We are pleased to say that we have reduced our paper consumption by over 60% since we began and continue to look for ways to increase this percentage.

In 2015 we introduced The IPPT Planeteers – committees who focus on challenges faced in a business environment as well as the environment in which we live. One of the first initiatives was an "Office Supply Roundup" ~ which literally restocked our office supply closet from "extras" in desk drawers, further illustrating the benefits of implementing a Reuse, Reduce, Recycle way of thinking.

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