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Each of these ingredients has a very valuable benefit. Colours & dyes help identify that this is a chemical product and used for the intended purpose. To the extent possible we use food grade dyes to ensure that there is no staining and damage to property.
Preservatives help to protect the product from the microorganisms in the environment while the product sits on the store shelf or at home. We use 100% eco friendly and biodegradable preservatives.
And finally the fragrances; well it's the only thing that remains after you finish cleaning. A pleasant and fresh smell gives a trigger to the mind that the environment is clean.
Using the right chemical is equally important to using the right quantity. All our formulations ensure that when the right amount of chemical is used, it is safe and performs as committed.
It isn't a certainty. "Natural" or home remedies are not necessarily safer, effective or lower in allergens.
What are chemicals? Water is a chemical. The air you breathe is a mixture of chemicals. The basic building blocks of everything is infact chemical. Also, there are plenty of natural ingredients found in nature that are toxic, such as arsenic and cyanide. Importantly, sometimes a synthetic ingredient is a better choice for any number of reasons, including sustainability. Using a natural ingredient that's in short supply, such as neem or sandalwood, could wipe out what's left of it. So, using a virtually limitless synthetic material might be more responsible. We do use ingredients found in nature, but only when they meet our own standards.
Because all our consumers demand for it! Desire for it! Crave for it! Well, it's true. A chemical without fragrance does not give the user or any one who experience the environment a sense of cleanliness.
Well it starts with YOU. It all starts with a need of yours we can fulfill. We get ideas on a regular basis from our customers, suppliers, employees and many others. Once we get a need or an idea; we start our research to blend the best mix of raw materials to satisfy that need. In our process we certainly ensure the safety of the user and anyone who might come in contact with the product is taken care of when used as directed on the bottle. All our products go under rigorous testing at our Megamorph R&D center. We also send sample to third party certified labs for their quality reports. Once all the reports are satisfactory we test the product with our customers for their feedback and improvements. The process never ends because we continuously innovate all our products to be better and more effective.
MSDS are Material Safety Data Sheets and they are required by law for chemical products used in industry. Because industry use is different from home use, an MSDS provides details required when products are used at greater frequency, duration or concentration levels than you'd typically use at home � for example if used in large quantities by a business for commercial cleaning, or if being shipped in bulk in a 50-gallon container. MSDS are designed for businesses or emergency personnel who need to know how to handle, store or dispose of products in these situations. While they're not completely applicable to normal household product use, we provide easy access on each product page of this site, for those who want an MSDS.
All our products have the standard shelf life mentioned on the back of the bottle. Exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat might reduce the effective shelf life so so ensure proper storage of the products.
All our products of every batch are tested 100% to ensure the highest standards of quality. We test our products on a range of parameters such as pH, viscousity, color, density, specific gravity, flow rate, clarity, etc.
Please write to our Customer Care at Customer Care Officer, c/o Ishraq Plastic Products Trading LLC, No. 7, Jurf Industrial Zone - 2, Ajman, United Arab Emirates, or email us at pjavid18@gmail.com / info@ishraqtrading.com or call us at +(971)052 784 0104 / +(971)055 929 8271.

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